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kinsey brooke (17)
i love long-haired harry

Anonymous asked:
Maggots fell out of her vagina

are you talking about contracted? bc that happened and i was disgusted for like 9 days

Anonymous asked:
If you ever change it, can I use it?

go for it

high school teacher: you know guys in college this isn't going to c-
me: chill

Anonymous asked:
Your mobile header is so so so soooo cool I'm jealous

thank you :* i was actually thinking about changing it like 2 days ago but then decided i can’t part ways with it… not yet

Fantastic Mr. Fox, Amelie and Tank Girl

these are all v good movies!!

Anonymous asked:
aiigghht i'm comin over! i'll be there in five ⚡️⚡️



Keith Haring in front of his mural at at Collingwood College, Melbourne, Australia, 1984

Anonymous asked:
grease everyday is what we're going for hahah

oooooh! yeah grease every day is something that i am so down for

plantybabe asked:
Idk if someone has sent you these already but jawbreaker, heathers, and the craft!!!

it’s just whatever your 3 fav movies are!! but oh my god i know like all the lines to each of these movies, especially heathers bc it’s my absolute favourite movie